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Team Enever

Team Enever

Surfing Coach
We are huge lovers of the surf and equally passionate about passing on the knowledge we've gained over the years of competing and being coached.

The enjoyment and satisfaction never tire and we’d love the opportunity to work alongside you to improve in any area of your surfing.

Laura will share her passion for Big wave surfing is available for LIVE classes, make sure you follow Team Enever so you never miss out on a live class being announced.

Chris is a professional surfing coach and is available to share his Coaching skills with you just like Laura he does for Laura. Book one of Chris' sessions below.

We can't wait to work with you.
What can Enever help you with?

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Classes with Enever

Get To Know Me

Recently I took part in a Little Warriors interview powered by SLOCOACH. This interactive program focused on educating kids on techniques I used to master my profession. Explaining my journey to fame and sharing insights and tips on strategies to better your own game and be a good team player. I hope you enjoy the session.


Chris's surfing insights

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of a recent analyse session. I am super passionate about the ocean and helping surfers of all levels.


Surf coaching Analysis with Chris

I can analyse your surfing. I can help you with anything related to your surfing and regardless of your level using the SLOCOACH video analysis and video response tools. All you have to do is upload a video of you surfing and I'll analyse it and provide personalised detailed feedback to get you surfing at your best.


LIVE Analysis session with Chris

In a live digital session, we can review your surfing clips together or we can discuss anything, from ocean knowledge, equipment choice, technique, progressive surfing, tube riding, event preparation, contest strategies, video analysis, mental approach, big waves surfing/approach, breath-hold training, and surf location breakdowns (such as reef breaks, point breaks, and beach breaks). This is a live video session together.


LIVE chat with Laura

My one-on-one live sessions are for any surfing trying to improve their surfing. No matter where you are at with your surfing, I'm here to take you to the next level. Either upload some videos of your surfing and we can discuss together or we can just jump on and discuss in general, It's up to you.


Live Class with Laura - COMING SOON

Join me and in a group session where we can discuss a range of topics to do with my passion - Free Surfing


Enever's Ratings

"So much quality information! The comparison with the Pro's surfing helped show the proper technique even if you're already doing 90% of it like myself..."
Noah rated Enever
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